20th October 2016

Since I pinkyswore I would be doing something healthy for myself I decided to research on my body type in an ayurvedic way and figured I belong to ‘Pitta Dosha’

Apparently I am made of fire and water element and all the characteristics of an imbalanced pitta dosha human was what was happening all of the time 2015-2016.So I am going to experiment and see if this shit is real,if it is I will create my own adjustable lifestyle where I am a balanced person who does more mature balanced things and well if not I am screwed anyways.

Starting the day with coldplay makes you all pumped up for a good day.I am trying to have a good day reading a lot about the pitta dosha and having green tea.I might even start practicing yoga but that is going to be too much so I do not know.

I am trying to get my shit together because I will be 25 next year and I NEED to be all adult.I do not need to pay taxes even if I am working and that is wonderful,I buy mascara with my tax money and occasional face masks that make me look like a tiger for 15 mins and like myself after that.I do not know why I buy face masks.I think I already have good layers of them in reality why is there a need I do not understand.

Prajwal Parajuly no matter how much other people hate them is one of my personal favorites.Writes in a way you can visualize.Which is great.

I wonder if anyone can visualise what I write…I hope someday someone will be able to.

I have no idea why Anne Frank’s Diary is such a hit actually I did not find anything marvellous about it when I read it I just remember that Anne’s crush or whatever the guy her age who was hiding with her found it amusing that women have a vagina between their legs.(Did he think women pee from their mouths?) Hilariously idiotic or maybe I remember it wrong but this is the only part I remember about that silly book which did not really make a huge difference in my life.


You know what is making a huge difference in my life?

James Charles he is insanely charming to look at and has 10000 times my makeup skills.I need makeup skills get me a lot of makeup stuff when you come back because well I might as well look prettier.

If I made youtube videos youtube would sue me for making videos….but that is just my opinion.I think I am still not myself yet thanks to period cramps and crankiness.

Kindness,happiness and good food wishes( is this even a wish to wish upon someone?)