25% charged

Just like my phone’s ever dying battery I am on charge 25 % at the moment as well.

But I must be honest I am pumped up I do not know what got into me but I am walking a lot I guess I am just getting that awareness back that I have feet and I can walk away now.

My boss is so nice I think he is not even my boss.I was just complimented that my name sounds like I am a Shehezadi from Persia,this coming from a beautiful french woman made my day.If it came from a creepy ass you know who I would be crying .

Shehezadi from Persia does not sound bad at all,I could make up fake stories with Rose to fool innocent Thai kids like we faked how Rose was the Princess of Italy(Everyone fell for it)

I am such a good story teller,I could entertain anyone with my stories.

I am probably going to be a story teller for the rest of my life.Balance my pitta dosha and eat green stuff.The experiment with the ayurvedic stuff is going fine now,I ate salad with walnuts who puts nuts in salads? I paid $5.00 so I did not throw it away but then again I wanted to.

I just realised that all the plants in my workspace are fake just like my landlord’s soul I guess.

How could I not have known? damn it I am so slow with seeing reality it scares me.

It took the two of us two years to convince ourselves that we are not meant to be and maybe it will take a lifetime to convince because things that need convincing are not really true.

Anyways,lets keep that aside,the thing is I am hardcore adulting since the last 24 hours I have even organised my wardrobe .So I guess it is time to take a break.and not give a shit.

I think I am going to try and eat less meat because it does wonder for my skin.I need to be fabulous because I think I lost my fabulous by 5% in the last month and I want to upgrade it to another level now haha.( How can I be this level of vain and charming at the same time?)

I missed reading so much now I am reading voraciously again…I do not know why I stopped.I told myself it does not make sense but then again what does?

Reading is mandatory to keep myself sane,to keep things intact inside me.

Do you know that people who read are more imaginative?You should start imagining too because if you become too real life gets dull.It is important to keep the color of life alive,being too engrossed in fitting in or being too materialistic is not going to lead you anywhere.Life is too short and we are all going to die.Stop being scared about what others think of you.You should be okay in your eyes first.Forgive and let it go,we were kids who did not know what to do and how to react.

Sometimes I do wish we were adults while we were at it maybe we would not have lost each other but then again if we were already adults before we were stupid people we would have lost the meaning of life.

You told me I do not have to do things I do not want,same goes to you too.Stop locking yourself in the box and take more risks,take more pictures of yourself before you get bald.You wont look as good as you do now (considering the fact that I gave you a style makeover and there is noone to style you now)

Take care,I am not worried ofcourse I am not.