New pair of glasses,wind in my hair and nepali aloo chips

Well  its 23rd October 2016 and then in a few months you will be 26.

Wow.Time does fly by does it not?

I sat behind a complete stranger’s scooter today and felt the wind in my hair oh god that was a good feeling.It is a good thing to sometimes take a back seat and then look at the sky and realize how tiny you actually are.

Skies are amazing,and so is life.

I lost my glasses and was having terrible headaches so then I got new ones today and I look like an utter dork but well it is fine.

I am over the lets get herbal and ayurvedic phase so I am having tons of nepali aloo chips because they are worth all the diseases in the world.(Not really but it tastes good)

So it is all good,being myself and smelling great!Catching up with ananaya was great because she is an amazingly pure soul.

Start the potato factory man I will make you rich.

Nepali local potato chips are the best,this over lays any day man.

I am planning to continue to write thanks for the encouragement 🙂

Totally going to start a new project soon,hopefully it will not be a fail.

Sleeping 8 hours a day is wonderful for your mood and health and skin.You know what else is great.