Letter 1 : A letter to Rose Sibanda

Dear Rose

I am writing to you via my blog because this is a new project .This has been in my head for a while.I decided today that I SHOULD definitely actualize this because why the fuck not.

So here I am sneaking in time between work because you are worth it .

You are worth being written about lame.You are my Sam.My best freind,my soul sister and my first phone call/message to any news.You literally know me inside out and you love me whole heartedly nonetheless.Not all people are blessed with a friend like you in life.You are literally one of the reasons I feel grateful in life.

You and I have always been the misfits who have not been great at keeping up with the greatness of society but I guess we are both misfits for a reason.Imagine if we fit in the society perfectly like a puzzle then we would never have found each other,we would probably be worried about the kardashians and what to do to our hair.

We are both definitely lost and worried and we do not know what next in life but being lost with you makes me feel like I have somehow found my way and that everything will fall into place.You know why I love you so much?

Because you think that I am your one true friend and you never make me feel less than family.From being there when I was weeping about my broken heart to agreeing to ditch class with me just to go spend some time at the shopping mall we have done it all.I am truly lucky to have so many wonderful memories to look back to which bring a smile to my face and moisten my eyes at the same time.

Lame I am not writing to you just because you are my best freind but this letter is a reminder to you about how much you are worth and how much you can do.If you can put a smile on another person’s face when she is having a bad day and give her hopes to look forward to then you know that you have found your place on this earth.You make me laugh at my problems and make me forget why I cry .

Remember that time I was weeping alone at the coffee shop because he did not show up and then you were just like bruuhhhh whaaatttt?(say it in the most thai accent possible ) I laughed because I don’t even know why .You make my life so much better lame.

It is such an amazing feeling to have someone like you who can just make everything better by talking to me.I miss everything from stealing your food from the fridge to making you wear mascara because you could slay the world with your eye -lashes,from promising to try to lose weight and shifting beds to create the space to work out to eating Chinese food.I miss the mini celebrations we had for nothing in particular and asking each other if we ate.We re-defined most relationships in the world and what is the most beautiful part of it all is that we did not know we were doing so.

The reason I believe you would always be the amazing artist you are at the moment is because you are half Nepali.

Okay jokes aside the real reason is because you have an amazing heart and a pure soul.How can something that you create be ugly or bad?

You are so much more than what you think you are babygirl so you should probably bye felishia to all the negative images you have of yourself.

You know why I tell you that you are better than your fears and all the negative emotional ghosts that haunt you?Because you make me feel better than all the fears and someone who could give me the courage to face my fears is not someone who is weak herself.

I  hope when you look in the mirror you see your true self keeping aside all the tiredness and you still have the’Everyone is a Phoenix By Choice -Raeesha’ Post it on the mirror because saley you are all your choices.

Your weight or the color of your skin or how many people talk to you all of these things are not what you measure your life’s grandness with.You measure it with how much you make someone else’s life better and OH MY GOD lame you make my life so so so much better.

You remember the story I made up to make fun of the innocent thai freinds that you were the Princess of Italy and that they should beleive it without questioning it because I said so and they can not discriminate someone just like that?

Well bubu you are a Princess! Not of Italy but of literally everything…because I said so.No need to color your toe nails(I said Toe and Not Foot Fingers) because you think that it is necessary just color it because you want to do it darling.

Remember to let your hair down sometimes because your hair is beautiful and omg your skin feels amazing and its so comfy to cuddle and watch movies with you.

Rose Sibanda you did my stats assignment you must be smart because I passed all the computer classes because of you doing my assignment and you are already such an amazing artist look at how far your art has come baby! So stop underrating yourself and start loving yourself

You are worth so much more than the words and numbers that weigh you down.