Day 7 :A letter to 2016


Glad you are ending.

You were one of the most uplifting years I have ever have had in my 24 years of existence.

OMG The emotional roller coaster was so much that I threw up quiet literally a lot of times.From writing a book for one of the most famous fashion photographers of the country to writing an unpublished break-up letter to someone who I thought was the love of my life you made me do everything I never really thought I would.

You began with a lot of hopes and dreams and gave me so much that I think I will treasure you for the rest of my life.You were just like  the SRK character in Dear Zindagi  who taught  me life lessons in the most bittersweet way possible.From almost getting married to being hugged by a baby monkey,from not speaking 12 days to meditate to speaking my heart out to a complete stranger in the bus,from working in an all men’s magazine to working as an IELTS Instructor,from learning german to forgetting how to love.. you did give me the experience of a lifetime.

When I was 14 I was not allowed to go to the movies with my friends,but you made me watch so many movies in the theatre with my friends,even though this might seem like nothing to most people I think 10 years of being rebellious finally got me the guts to get my movie tickets before asking my parents.

I will always remember you as a wise teacher who did not leave me until I learnt my lesson and my what a lesson it was……I will forever keep it in my heart and feel it instead of knowing it because I want to keep it safe.

Thankyou so much for liberating me from myself.

For teaching me to love myself because I deserve it.Thank you for making me go through what I now think of the most tragic heartbreak I will ever have,Thank you for giving me the power to forgive (mostly myself) and thank you so much for making me feel like eventually everything will fall into place.

Thank you for taking away the guy who I thought was the love of my life away because I would not have learnt how to not give a fuck about anything in life with him around.Thank you for teaching me that sometimes love is not about ending up together but ending relationships to be better off without each other.Mostly thankyou so much for gifting me someone who thinks I am the centre of his universe and treats me like I deserve all the bright happy colors in the universe.

Thank You for amazing friends who buy me tickets to Thailand just because I am feeling low and for dramatic women who are made just for the sake of friction in relationships,I hope women like that get lice and diarrhea at the same time man.


All in all I am glad you are ending because I think I have had enough of emotional ups and downs for a while,now I just want something calm and peaceful.Thankyou so much for all the memories,so much of milkas,men who broke my heart,men who mended my heart,my mother,her mother,bhuyu my dog ,the #roseesha,jujuonthebeat,my monkey best freind who must have forgotten me by now,mimi the cat I adopted but she abandoned me after she grew up,my grandmother coming back fit and fine from the hospital,the beautiful red and golden dress that I will never dare to look at again,amazing movies and momos that made my day.Also for people like Prashish Rajbhandari and Rose who just get me without actually being by my side.

You were one of the most giving years of my life.Muahs