rewind 2016.

*******not in chronological order based on whatever pops on my mind first***************

1.Discovered In love with a Ghost.(maybe because I am in love with one)

2.Learnt that being in love does not necessarily mean you need to end up with the one you love…you should walk away always….also had a harsh reminder that you should never do to yourself what you would suggest your best friend to do otherwise.

3.Just because someone is 31 and have made a mark for themselves professionally does not mean they know how to deal with people and situations in their personal life.(Police help required).

4.Cried a lot for someone,because of someone…learnt the value of not giving a fuck.

5.Read the subtle art of not giving a fuck,a house in the sky two books that will stay with me till the end.

6.Asked a lot of people for lifts because of the nakabandi and had life changing conversations with a lot of strangers.

7.Wrote one of the best art exhibition concepts Nepal has seen and got the concept actualised and visualised in Sept 2016.(never thought this would happen but good going!)

8.Adopted a cat,called her mimi and loved her a lot…until she abandoned me for her boyfriend and made her own kittens and came back with mini mimis.

9.Watched a lot of movies in the theatre but never really finished eating a medium sized pop corn so one of the things on my to do list for 2017 is to finish a LARGE bucket of pop corn .( I always have the weirdest to do lists)

10.Watched the secret life of walter mitty three times and had goosebumps all three times.’Beautiful things don’t ask for attention’

11.celebrated my bday on a random day (27th may) just because…well whatever.(thanks for ruining my birthday you were the worst thing ever)

12.Learnt to never have expectations with anyone.

13.Learnt to never accommodate or adjust for someone else.

14.Watched Fawad Khan on the big screen for less than 5 mins but still loved him nonetheless.

15.Went to Trisara for the first time and a random bar in Thamel ,understood RJC is a liar.

16.Never teaching IELTS again because it is fucking boring even if it pays a lot.

17.Saw what it meant to be a woman in a brown family when your marriage is broken before if it happens so closely that got over the concept of being brown.

18.Convinced a person to live because suicide is too mainstream.

19.Bought myself a pair of shiny gold glittery shoes because I fucking deserve it.

20.Finally got a hold of tommy hilfiger dreaming the perfume I was looking for forever.

21.Treasured Rose,Ekta,Amarin,Sid more than ever and will continue to love them till I am dead.

22.Learnt to forgive people who never apologised for my peace of mind.

23.Met my first boyfriend Anish Raj Shrestha and loled so hard that I considered myself in love with him once upon a time and that I actually had hardcore underestimated myself so much for dating someone so ….I dont know below basic?

24.Upped my brow game.

25.Started working out with my mother and becoming friends with her .Actually started to sit down and listen to stories because I needed to understand where she was coming from.Promised myself to always try to understand her.

26.Watched breakfast at tiffany’s in the theatre for free.(My dream of watching Audrey Hepburn on the big screen fulfilled)

27.Danced with my mom and dad in my cousin’s wedding.

28.Taught mom how to dance.

29.Met Kaavya a 4 year old who thinks I am her best friend <3.

30.Got my first glowy unicorn.

31.Bought a lot of chiffon shirts  with fancy buttons.

32.Took a selfie with Prabal Gurung.

33.Got free stuff from Armani just because.

34.Broke up with someone (the first time I initiate a breakup)

35.Went for 12 days vipassana.

36.Hugged a Baby monkey and clicked photos with her.

37.Started growing my hair longer again.

38 Took off my braces.

39.Worked in an all men’s magazine.

40.Finally recited a poem in one of the events organized by Word Warriors Nepal.

41.Attended Photo Kathmandu.

42.Bought my first pencil skirt.

43.Finally fixed my laptop but the mike is still broken.

44.learnt the value of mascara.

45.Got over earthquakes.

46.Started  using lipsticks (dont know why I was so not confident about them before)

(mmm will update more when I get the time to.)