2017 to be not to be ( PART II)

Since I sleep early and I have a tight schedule these days I was not able to continue my previous article.So here it goes.



In the name of adventure I got myself a second ear piercing on a random August day.I did not even pre-plan it.My mother had always nagged me about getting a second ear piercing so that we could twin.(Yeah I am serious my mother always asked me to get a second piericing so that we could twin you did read it right!).I had not anticipated much I just woke up and then decided I needed another ear piercing.In less than half an hour I had done it and I thought I would regret it but I did not.That was my adventure,deciding on something instantly doing it and loving my decision.Without asking for anyone else’s acknowledgement or approval.It had been a while since I had decided on my own without anyone else’s permission or keeping anyone else’s convenience in mind so 2017 is going to be more of this.


Most of 2015 and half of 2016 I apologised to people around me for the kind of person I became.I even told the guy I was dating that I was sorry he had to deal with me and that I would never date me if I was him.Personally I feel that is the most disgraceful thing that has been translated into words from my lips in this lifetime.I apologised for being a mess,for being too emotional ,for being too happy,too excited,too sad,too (insert whatever emotion).I was so sorry for myself for being myself and I am done with that seriously.

I am not sorry anymore for the kind of person I am,I would definitely date me because of how I am and no this does not mean I am perfect or have become Gigi Hadid in 2017 but this means I am abso fucking lutely in love with myself and noone can stop that.No guy who thinks his mother is more important than mine or that his family is more important than mine is welcome in my life anymore.I am important and so is my family.I tried everything to fit into what he wanted in a woman and I lost myself and I am done with that.I am content with where I stand in my life at the moment,career wise,family relationship wise you know this is an amazing place to be where I do not need to waste my efforts and energy to a wall that would never appreciate me in the first place.I celebrate myself and pamper myself….unapologetically.



A sane 24 year old who does not know any magic tricks and fails in organizing her own closet is not really someone who is to be talking about magical things and cupcakes but then to hell with the alignment of the universe and how things are to be.

I want to be the magical person I believed I would be at 8 who would one day be on Oprah.(Oprah show is not aired anymore but there is Ellen so dream on!).That 8 year old was not sure who she would be but just knew she would be important.3 times 8 years now she still does not know what will make her important but she feels that it is important to live life according to her own principles.

If at 24 I dare to live according to my principles during the reign of Donald Trump and Prachanda,remaining original….how is that any less than magic?