Letter one : to my eight year old self.

Everyone says Dhadkan is Sunil Shetty’s best movie because of how well he acted but no darling you are right about Hera Pheri being the best of his movies to ever release.Do not worry about not fitting into conversations for not seeing the world the same way everyone does.I know you want to marry Hritik Roshan right now and are doomed by the fact that he is going to marry the love of his life Sussanne Khan.You are mad at him for not letting you marry the love of your life when you grow up…damn you Hritik Roshan breaking hearts since 2000.2017 is going to make you not so fond of him (trust me on that people change and so does their preference).

You dancing to ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ imagining yourself as Ameesha Patel on a beach with Hritik Roshan already shows that eight year olds are great at imagining what is not and will never be real (oh what originality).I know you want your hair as long as Ameesha Patel’s and you are oh so mad at your mother for cutting your hair so often but well that is what mothers do they style their kids and no one can stop them so stop the attitude already!

You wishing you were like all your brothers who lived in boarding schools is sad ,what is even more sad is that you already wished you were someone else at such a young age. No one told you that you can actually be content with who you were and I do not know who exactly put it in your head that the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ is going to be the most relate able quote you would relate to at such a young age. (Baby girl I really wish I could tell you that you are going to be all ‘damn you world I will water my own damn grass’ but time travel is not accessible yet)

You are already uncomfortable with the body you are in :(,they are already body shaming you for your bushy eyebrows and your chubby body.

I am so sorry you were exposed to mean assholes so early in life but darling I am so proud of you for not letting any of that get into your head and still thinking that SOMEDAY you would make it to the Oprah Winfrey Show.I am just glad you were a dreamer even before you understood what dreams meant.I am glad you take creating things so seriously and pay close attention to what your art teacher says more than you pay attention to your father’s mother.

You are shocked how adults do not consider children as human as they are and think that kids will not remember.You often catch adults lying,sometimes they lie to you too and when you tell your dad he pretends he believes you because you are his favorite but does not take you seriously because you are 8.Is it not funny you already demanded to be taken seriously at 8? Like girl who did you think you were ? I am just glad whoever you thought you were you were already serious about how serious you were.

You do not really like a lot of people , your most favorite in the world is Mickey your pup that you were gifted at 2,and oh darling I am so glad you were best friends with a puppy before you were best friends with a person.Who in the world would have taught you about maintaining friendship better than your own dog? (NOONE!)

I am glad you raise your hand to answer in class and not for anything else,always a fan of non violence weren’t we?

I am glad you know you are different and do not try too hard to fit in.I am glad you are okay with being a misfit at 8.I am even more glad youΒ  save and bring the candies your friends distribute on their birthdays home for your brother because that shows how empathetic you were at such a young age!

AWW I am so proud of how you are keeping up.The year 2000 was indeed a lot of things for you and there will be more than one letter for each year I think but for now 8 year old Raeesha Shrestha who is a ‘demanding’ kid who always wants the ‘best of everything’ your 25 year old version still has the same core value and is trying to keep you alive while in the process of adulting.

I am so proud of how you take handwriting seriously and how you legit think that your dad is the best damn person in the whole wide universe.

Loads of love



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