Author: raetherainbow

Suhit Chandra Singh Pradhan Raeesha the word Day dreaming deer Long conversations balloons Thinking the smell of Tommy Hilfiger DREAMING Jane Green floral prints strong black coffee Mickey my first ever pet Leo Tolstoy My beautiful mother samosa My honest super heroic father minie malai sabse maya garne Regina Spektor black My adorable best friends green tea Ryan my nephew aloo paratha that smell of juniper breeze from bath and body works momos long dangly earrings batman ninja ness stairway to heaven water green tea Abha my neice one metallica somewhere only we know-lilly allen version Stephen Chobsky awesome customized stationery crying during movies hugs that warm your soul looooooooooong walks her favorite brown bag pack the way she does not know anything about makeup but loves eyeliner <3 Running at the speed of 10.8 MAA ( awesomest hugs in the world with the most mitho khana) jack johnson the smell of Gucci Envy me 2 the way gatsby looked at daisy back in black-ac/dc the way she just can not understand the world Cooking Rain the smell of Elizabeth Arden Red Door Ingrid Michealson songs honesty Violet Long walks soft baked chocolate chip cookies Run- Snow Patrol Rainbows dresses Learning every day Poetry Travelling Kids with adorable smiles Photography Writing that smile when you are home lillies and tulips simplicity Dogs CATS and everything in between that's worth a thought You might find a bit of her in everything mentioned above. Its funny how she can only express herself through words and words are just not enough to define her.... thatssoraeesha (p.s- I have no right over the featured images except the pictures with the watermark of Captured moments@R.Shrestha...I just googled and copy pasted the others to enhance the effect of the article/poem)